La Vie’s Point Direct Program

La Vie’s Point Direct Program- Now Accepting Patients

Point Direct is specifically developed for those who value continuity of care but prefer not to undergo the Comprehensive Wellness Assessment at the beginning of their relationship with La Vie. Much like your Oakville family doctor, we provide a detailed and comprehensive approach to your health, ensuring you receive continuous, personalized care. We understand that some individuals may have reasons for opting out of the initial Comprehensive Wellness Assessment, but still desire ongoing support and access to exceptional healthcare services. With Point Direct, you can enjoy the benefits of attentive, thorough healthcare tailored to your needs without the initial assessment.

Program Overview

Point Direct has many of the same benefits and features as our Point One Care service, ensuring that members receive comprehensive, year-round healthcare support. The concept is intended to provide seamless continuity of care without the need for an initial Comprehensive Wellness Assessment.

Virtual Care Program

Members of Point Direct will have access to our Comprehensive virtual care service, which allows them to communicate with healthcare specialists remotely for consultations, follow-ups, and medical advice.

Dedicated Nurse Case Coordinator

Point Direct members, like Point One Care members, will have access to a professional Nurse Case Coordinator who will be their primary point of contact for tailored guidance and support throughout their healthcare journey.

Medical Referrals and Follow-Up Care

The services include all essential medical referrals and appointment follow-ups, ensuring that members have access to healthcare providers when they need them.

Year-Round Care

Point Direct provides continuous care throughout the year, ensuring that members receive support and help as needed.

Your Health, Simplified

Point Direct makes your health journey simple, frictionless, and stress-free. From personalized care coordination to proactive health management, we're with you every step of the way. At La Vie Executive Health Centre, your well-being is our primary priority, and with Point Direct, you can be confident that you're in capable hands.

Simplified Post-Visit Care

Whether you visit La Vie in person or virtually, we will immediately organize your medications and schedule appointments with leading doctors as necessary.

On-Site Diagnostic Imaging

All La Vie Executive Health facilities provide convenient in-house imaging services.

Access to Leading Medical Specialists and Services

Whether you come to us for your Annual Health Assessment or a Point Direct consultation, your La Vie physician is your guide to wellness. If you require a medical professional, we will schedule an appointment with one of our chosen physicians.

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