Labour Market Re-entry Assessment Service

Labour Market Re-entry Assessment Service at La Vie

Empowering Your Return to Work

At La Vie, we acknowledge the hurdles injured employees encounter when aiming to re-enter the workforce post a workplace injury. Our specialized Labour Market Re-entry Assessment Service is designed to facilitate a seamless transition back into the labor market, ensuring individuals possess the essential skills and abilities. Focused on minimizing loss of earnings resulting from work-related injuries, La Vie is dedicated to delivering comprehensive support through certified professionals.

Assisting Injured Employees in Workforce Reintegration

Enduring a workplace injury can be an overwhelming experience, impacting not only physical well-being but also posing challenges to one's professional life. La Vie's Labour Market Re-entry Assessment stands as a beacon of hope for those striving to return to the workforce with confidence. We emphasize the importance of ensuring each worker possesses the appropriate and transferable skills for a successful re-entry into the labor market.

Certified Professionals, Tailored Plans

At La Vie, our certified professionals conduct Labour Market Re-entry Assessments, specializing in creating personalized re-entry plans. These plans are meticulously crafted to suit the unique circumstances of each individual, ensuring a holistic approach to their rehabilitation and reintegration into the workforce. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the detailed evaluation and compilation of crucial information.

Comprehensive Information Gathering and Evaluation

La Vie Executive Health Centre’s Labour Market Re-entry Assessments aim to compile and evaluate essential information facilitating the reintegration of injured employees into the workforce. Our certified professionals gather data on:

  • Employment Statistics: Detailed insights into the employment landscape of the employee's geographical area, forming the foundation for informed decisions.
  • Future Employability Outlook: Analysis of future employability prospects for specific occupations, guiding individuals towards fields with promising prospects.
  • Job Requirements Profile: A comprehensive job requirements profile, aligning individual skills and abilities with potential sectors.
  • Salary Ranges: Exploration of salary ranges associated with individual occupations, ensuring fair compensation for skills and experience.
  • Employer Listings: Identification of potential employers within relevant geographical areas, streamlining the job search process.

A Holistic Approach to Re-Entry Planning

La Vie's Labour Market Re-entry Assessment Service goes beyond data compilation; it's about creating a roadmap for success. Our certified professionals collaborate closely with individuals, developing detailed re-entry plans covering vocational training, skill enhancement, and psychological support if necessary. By addressing the multifaceted aspects of returning to the workforce, La Vie Executive Health Centre strives to minimize the impact of work-related injuries on individuals' lives.

Why Choose Our Oakville Private Clinic for Labour Market Re-entry Assessment?

In conclusion, La Vie Executive Health Centre’s Labour Market Re-entry Assessment Service stands as a supportive resource for injured employees seeking to resume their professional lives. With a commitment to excellence, personalized healthcare plans, and a holistic approach, we aim to make the journey back to the workforce as smooth and successful as possible.

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